A genuine grace saturated culture? Don’t lose the challenge

This is kind of a postscript or P.S following my two articles on Evangelical futures.  There’s a further PPS to come in a few days where I want to talk about the positive aspects of Australian/Sydney Anglican influence on UK Evangelicalism. In this article I want to talk about two linked things that primarily are… Continue reading A genuine grace saturated culture? Don’t lose the challenge

The Fragile Task Ahead

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A little while back, I noted that I believe one of the biggest challenges ahead is for medium sized churches in urban areas.  I think there will be a lot of excitement and a lot of opportunities for church plants the other side of COVID and I think that larger churches will in the end… Continue reading The Fragile Task Ahead

Food from around the world wide web

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Leadership in a lengthy lockdown The FIEC have been providing some helpful resources for churches in lockdown. Here’s their most recent webinar. We are realising that elements of the lockdown are likely to be around for a long time and it will be quite some time before church is anywhere near back to normal 10… Continue reading Food from around the world wide web

A way out of lockdown?

People are now beginning to think more and more about what the exit strategy from lockdown might be like.  There are some concerns about the level of engagement with what this means for churches – especially as the secular media seems silent on this. Perhaps we should not be surprised. In more encouraging news, national… Continue reading A way out of lockdown?