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Leadership in a lengthy lockdown The FIEC have been providing some helpful resources for churches in lockdown. Here’s their most recent webinar. We are realising that elements of the lockdown are likely to be around for a long time and it will be quite some time before church is anywhere near back to normal

10 Takeaways from Leadership into the new normal Dan Green has helpfully summarised another of the FIEC’s webinars

Should we give up privacy to fight the coronavirus? Test and Trace will throw up all sorts of challenges about technology and personal privacy. You may well decide that the benefits outweigh the risks but it is good to be aware of the issues involved.

No more to do for salvation does not mean no more to do The place of works in our faith.

Out of the Freezer HUP Some missiologists suggest we should plant churches focusing on reaching specific cultures as “homogenous units” – here is my response

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