How do you know? – Training Course

One of the aims of Faithroots is to provide accessible and practical training for Gospel work. You can find out the different options for training with us on our training pages here.

I’m currently working on developing and updating our online training materials. The first tranche of materials are available with workbooks and videos. These include a leadership course looking at safer churches.

We’ve also got a complete set of videos, an e-book and a study guide on “How do you know?” Which is all about the Doctrine of Revelation and how God speaks to us.

You can access the e-book here

And the study guide here

The videos are available from the YouTube channel

Some of you may prefer to listen to the talks rather than watch them, for example whilst walking, running or cycling. So, we’ve provided some audio only options too.

I’d love your feedback if you’ve made use of this training material as well as any questions you might have as you go along.

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