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Friday 26/03/2020

30 Edifying things to watch whilst stuck at home – some recommended TV viewing, a lot of these are on Netflix

Upbeat Songs for Quarantined Children – it’s the end of week one of home-schooling. How on earth are you coping. If you are looking for some suggestions to help the kids dance off some energy then here goes.

Why I am still a Christian: Eddie Arthur tells us why he is swimming against the tide of unbelief.

Jesus does not prioritise preaching over Miracles but Challenges us to preach the Gospel everywhere “I was converted at university in 1988. It was the heyday of Wimberism, which was dividing evangelicals and the CU. John Wimber was advocating “Power Evangelism” with signs and wonders, especially healings, to accompany gospel proclamation. Conservative evangelicals were arguing against this in favour of preaching alone…”

Leadership is never an excuse: Going back a few weeks now -this is an article from Chris Green. Elders must not hide behind the excuse of being strong leaders abuse and bullying are unacceptable

From the Freezer: The Lies we believe about God – we have a choice to either believe truth or lies about God. This article is from the very early days of Faithroots

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