Let the children come (Mark 10:13-16)

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Parents are bringing their children to meet Jesus, for him to bless them. His disciples try to turn them away. They think that Jesus is too busy and too important to be bothered with children. He’s got real teaching to do with adults, he’s got followers to gather. He’s in the business of casting out… Continue reading Let the children come (Mark 10:13-16)

On idols families and estates

Mez McConnell has written this on people considering Gospel ministry on estates – or as they are called in Scotland “schemes.” There’s some helpful truth about the cost of discipleship and mission in Mez’s article. I hope he won’t mind though if I just push back a little on a couple of points. First of… Continue reading On idols families and estates

Calvin on parents and children

Having had a look at what Calvin has to say about slaves and masters based on Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 5-6, I thought it would be worth having a look at his comments on the other two issues treated there, first on parents and children, then on wives and husbands. Calvin picks up on the… Continue reading Calvin on parents and children

How can dads disciple their kids?

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I recently wrote about what it means to disciple children and young people. I’ve been thinking a little further about what I would say from the front of church to encourage parents, particular fathers in their responsibility to teach and disciple their children.  Here’s what I’d say: Tomorrow is Monday. Here’s what I want you… Continue reading How can dads disciple their kids?

How do we disciple children and young people?

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There’s been a bit of a discussion on social media about faith in kids and reaching younger generations with the Gospel.  First, there is this article by Ian Paul interviewing the CofE’s Youth Evangelism officer.  Can the church ever reach young people again? Then there were these tweets by Anthony B Bradley. I must admit… Continue reading How do we disciple children and young people?

Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)

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Here’s an extra article this afternoon instead of sharing afternoon tea. The Kevin DeYoung article about having lots of children has certainly stirred emotions. Some people have taken this to mean that there are obstacles to pastors talking about discipleship issues that affect women. I don’t think so. I don’t think that the problem was… Continue reading Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)

Families, Children and Childlessness (Responding to Kevin DeYoung)

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The other day, Kevin DeYoung penned these words in an article for the Gospel Coalition “Here’s a culture war strategy conservative Christians should get behind: have more children and disciple them like crazy. Strongly consider having more children than you think you can handle.”[1] Kevin was writing primarily for a US audience. The concept of… Continue reading Families, Children and Childlessness (Responding to Kevin DeYoung)