More thoughts on urban planting

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As you know, one of my concerns is to see churches planted into our less fashionable areas and to see them established and multiplying.  Moving from what we desperately want to see to actually seeing it, is the challenge though.  We’ve been looking to see if it would be possible to get involved in pioneer… Continue reading More thoughts on urban planting

The “both – and” of mission

Republished from the archives (2018) One of my personal passions and priorities is to see people get involved in urban mission, making disciples who make disciples in communities where there is practically no gospel witness at the moment. That’s why I keep pointing visitors to to our ActBC pages. That urban focus means that… Continue reading The “both – and” of mission

Stepping In: An Introduction to Idolatry

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An important part of the Subversive fulfilment approach is an understanding of idolatry. The subversive part of the term comes from the fact that even our dreams and desires are idolatrous. We cannot simply offer the possibility to people that their life will find fulfilment in Christ, we must start by showing them that in… Continue reading Stepping In: An Introduction to Idolatry

Hope For The City Urban Subversive Fulfilment

Well, we are almost there. A little project I started 2 years ago is coming to its conclusion. Just before I  went on Sabbatical, I started researching and writing. My aim was to think about the missiology of how we approach urban ministry and church planting. In order to do this I spent time revisiting… Continue reading Hope For The City Urban Subversive Fulfilment

The urban mission field is not a playground

There are a number of parachurch organisations dedicated to encouraging people to get involved in evangelism and world mission. There’s often a focus on young people and an emphasis on short term missions. Now, this is one of those articles where lots of disclaimers are needed and I’m running the risk of causing offence.  So,… Continue reading The urban mission field is not a playground