Hope For The City Urban Subversive Fulfilment

Well, we are almost there. A little project I started 2 years ago is coming to its conclusion. Just before I  went on Sabbatical, I started researching and writing. My aim was to think about the missiology of how we approach urban ministry and church planting. In order to do this I spent time revisiting my favourite missiologist, a Dutch thinker and writer called JH Bavinck.

After a bit a hiatus, I’ve been able to complete this now and plan to do a couple of things.  The first draft is with Sarah for proof reading. Once it is ready I will be sharing it as a pdf on the publications page. I also plan to start serialising the book via blog posts from today. The aim is to encourage interaction and discussion.

I suspect that it will have a fairly niche readership but if there is anyone out there who after reading some of it thinks it is worth publishing as a print book, please let me know.

The first instalment will be in the next post. Enjoy!

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