On what do we base our belief in human rights?

In my article on vaccine passports, I argued that I was unconvinced by the argument that vaccine passports would be a major breach of human rights. I thought therefore that it might be worth leaning a little further into that and get us thinking more about the question of human rights. A good few years… Continue reading On what do we base our belief in human rights?

Questioning gender

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This question has come up in the context of the conversation about transgender issues. Some people have commented that they struggle a little with when people say that they have a clear sense of their gender.” I think they are particularly referring to when people consider themselves different to the gender on their birth certificate.… Continue reading Questioning gender

Distorted purpose

So far, we’ve seen how God made humanity in his image to: reflect his glory, to fill (multiply and populate) and to subdue (rule over/steward) his creation.  Man and woman are together made in God’s image to complement one another. God blesses them by providing for them and protecting them.  At the same time, he… Continue reading Distorted purpose

Murderers at heart (Genesis 4)

In Genesis 1-2, the origins of humanity are described. Mankind is made in God’s image and so man and woman have the breath of God within them. God blesses them and provides for them. They have meaning and purpose as they are told to fill and subdue the earth. And yet in Geneis 3 we… Continue reading Murderers at heart (Genesis 4)

Fall and Judgement

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Failure and Rebellion In Genesis 1 and 2 God had been the primary actor and it was his voice that was heard consistently. God spoke in order to bring things into being and events to pass. Towards the end of Genesis 2, man is drawn more towards the centre of the stage so that he… Continue reading Fall and Judgement

Made for each other

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If Genesis 1 introduces us to the creation of humanity, chapter 2 fleshes it out giving us a bit more detail about the creation of man and woman. At this stage we are told that there was no bushes and small plants of the field, a reference here I believe to cultivated plant life because… Continue reading Made for each other

Truth and lies about humanity

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What we believe affects how we live.  We’ve seen in previous discussions that we can choose to believe either truth or lies about God, Creation, humanity and New Creation. We can choose to believe either the truth that God is good, love, sovereign, holy, eternal or we can believe that God is unloving, weak, finite… Continue reading Truth and lies about humanity

Being Human – New series on faithroots starts this week

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The original (and an ongoing) aim of Faithroots  was to help people think through how doctrine/systematic theology applied to life. My concern was that we seem to separate Christian teaching into heavy weight more academic stuff and practical self help stuff. But if what we believe affects how we live then first of all, the… Continue reading Being Human – New series on faithroots starts this week