What abortion is really about

Imagine if you heard that we were close to eliminating the following conditions: autism, asthma, MS, COVID-19, sight impairment, cystic-fibrosis.  Initially you might think that sounded positive. That is until you saw how it was being achieved.

The Daily Telegraph this week has an article talking about the elimination of Downs-Syndrome within a generation. How is that happening? The answer is by abortion.  Families are offered a test to assess the likelihood of their baby being born with Downs. Currently in the UK there are no limits on when they can then opt for abortion.

Imagine if you were told that there was a test to see if someone might have asthma, autism, MS etc before they were born. Imagine that once that test was in place, it became morally unacceptable to proceed with the pregnancy? It is worth remembering that Downs is not the only condition that can lead to abortion. In some cultures there is pressure to abort on the basis of gender selection too. 

This is not about a woman’s right to choose, nor is it about health and well-being, either for her or her child, it is purely and simply about eugenics about the selection of people to populate a race meeting the standards of purity set by those in authority.  Eugenics is about the belief that we as human beings can eliminate all impurities and weaknesses by in effect giving evolution a helping hand.  It is arrogant, idolatrous, cruel and evil.

This should prompt greater compassion amongst us. I believe that the women cajoled and bullied into abortion by society around them and a cruel philosophy are the victims as well as their babies. We do, genuinely believe that #BothLivesMatter

At the same time, it highlights the greater danger that we face and should fight against.

If stories like this one in the Telegraph do not provoke grief, anger and action then what has become of us?

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