What is Sabbath rest?

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We associate the idea of a Sabbath with rest for three reasons. First of all, in terms of the big Biblical picture, Sabbath practice looks back to Genesis 2:1-4 where we are told that God rested on the 7th day after 6 days of creation. Note, that whilst God rested after completing his work, that… Continue reading What is Sabbath rest?

Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?

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We know the answer don’t we? It’s obvious.  Ny providing an abundance, Jesus was demonstrating his ability to provide all that his people needed. The Twelve baskets meant that each disciple had something to take away. More than that, they symbolised the 12 tribes, so that we saw Christ’s abundant provision for his people. However,… Continue reading Why were there leftovers at the feeding of the 5000?

Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”

I was speaking at West Smethwick Congregational Church last Sunday. WSCC is a church we built connections with when they sought help with revitalisation and replanting. A few years back they were down to half a dozen people. So, it was good to visit them and see such a change.  They have a pastor and… Continue reading Jesus my king says “come and sit with me”

Is it burnout?

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I’ve seen a few articles talking about burnout among those in church leadership over the past few weeks. These seem to be particularly in response to the experience of leaders through the COVID-19 pandemic which has in many ways amplified many of the challenges of Gospel ministry. One helpful contribution to the discussion was this… Continue reading Is it burnout?

Grace for COVID weary leaders

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Over the past 6 or 7 months I’ve been sharing regular posts to try and help church leaders think through the risk management implications of the return to in person church  and what we hoped would be a gradual move to normality in the United Kingdom.  I wanted to say a little bit more in… Continue reading Grace for COVID weary leaders

Why are people attending church less frequently?

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One of the trends that quite a few people have noticed in recent years has been the change in definition of what it means to attend church regularly. To those of us in church leadership, who have been Christians for some time, regular attendance tends to mean “at least once a week.” However, the reality… Continue reading Why are people attending church less frequently?

Creating Space and Time

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If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we are busy people compressed into densely populated cities. Often our church gatherings have replicated that. We’ve squeezed people into our buildings, crammed a lot of content: songs, notices, mini-sermons, main sermons into them, rushed them through to back halls for cheap coffee and cheaper… Continue reading Creating Space and Time

Creation and work

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Thinking about the Doctrine of Creation is particularly helpful as we seek to apply the Bible to the whole of our life because Creation points us both to the goodness and challenges of work. The Bible is, from the start a book for all 7 days of the week, not just one. Whilst we are… Continue reading Creation and work