Why are people attending church less frequently?

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One of the trends that quite a few people have noticed in recent years has been the change in definition of what it means to attend church regularly. To those of us in church leadership, who have been Christians for some time, regular attendance tends to mean “at least once a week.” However, the reality… Continue reading Why are people attending church less frequently?

Creating Space and Time

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If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we are busy people compressed into densely populated cities. Often our church gatherings have replicated that. We’ve squeezed people into our buildings, crammed a lot of content: songs, notices, mini-sermons, main sermons into them, rushed them through to back halls for cheap coffee and cheaper… Continue reading Creating Space and Time

Creation and work

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Thinking about the Doctrine of Creation is particularly helpful as we seek to apply the Bible to the whole of our life because Creation points us both to the goodness and challenges of work. The Bible is, from the start a book for all 7 days of the week, not just one. Whilst we are… Continue reading Creation and work

Fallow Ground

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Ancient Israel was expected to observe sabbath years (every 7) and jubilee years every 50. Those years were meant to allow for the release of slaves, cancellation of debt, return of property to tribal/clan ownership and rest for the land with the fields left fallow. Whilst those laws were specific to Israel and so not… Continue reading Fallow Ground

Climbing the Career ladder

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We’ve been talking about work and rest. One of the things that affects work is the drive to climb the greasy pole to the top of your profession. There is an inbuilt expectation that people must progress higher up into management. In fact, promotion is rewarded and those who are content where they are, are… Continue reading Climbing the Career ladder

Work Matters

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I’ve been writing about the importance of rest over the past week or two but we cannot talk about rest without talking about work. It is that point which influenced my last article on the matter.  In that article, I responded to a question about why we do not give enough attention to the part… Continue reading Work Matters

Do pastors need their own sabbath?

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Many pastors have something in their contracts to the effect that they should take one complete day off each week. Funnily it often sounds like this is an obligation on them rather than what it is in fact which is provision for them!  It is sometimes suggested that this is to be their sabbath.  Now,… Continue reading Do pastors need their own sabbath?

Sabbath Rest -Do we need to keep Sunday special?

When I was growing up, there was still a strong emphasis on keeping Sunday as a special day, the Christian Sabbath.  In a lot of church cultures, the expectation was that you attended church at least twice, wore your Sunday best and that activities during the day were limited to those considered spiritually edifying. Sunday… Continue reading Sabbath Rest -Do we need to keep Sunday special?

Lessons in lockdown 2: Busyness and effective, hard work are not the same

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I will put my hand up and say that I am one of those people who found a lot of lockdown beneficial. I’m not saying that I wanted to be in lockdown or that I would repeat it. Nor am I denying that it was simply awful with no redeeming features for many. However, following… Continue reading Lessons in lockdown 2: Busyness and effective, hard work are not the same