A raw conversation about sex and theology

Photo by Jeremy Wong on Pexels.com

As the fall out continues from Josh Butler’s book, Beautiful Union, and that car crash TGC article, we are, I think beginning to see some helpful reflection and interaction. Issues around marriage, sex and intimacy are I think of importance to those of us who care about pastoring well and so whilst some of us might prefer to move on swiftly from this particular carnage, I think there is benefit in continuing the conversation.

So to help with that I want to do three things. First, I’d like to share and commend this podcast/YouTube discussion between the author and two female Christians, one an Old Testament scholar, the other an abuse survivor and advocate. As others have observed, it offers an example of gracious but robust dialogue. I can’t help but think that TGC would have done better to have responded by providing a platform for such an discussion rather than the tail spin it got itself into.

So, the discussion is worth watching on its own terms but also helpful because in two upcoming articles, I’m going to interact with it.

So, the second thing I’m going to do next week is interact a bit more with Butler’s theology and where I think he gets it wrong. This is crucial, if as this site’s motto claims “what we believe affects how we live.”

Thirdly, I’m aiming to write a bit further on the challenges and pitfalls of addressing issues around sex, sexuality and relationships pastorally. I believe it’s important that we do this but it is no easy thing.

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