What is the Gospel?

Paul’s big concern for the Galatian church was that they risked being captured by a different Gospel.  The other day, I wrote something about this and observed that if we are to avoid falling for different, false Gospels, then we need to know what the true Gospel is. Now, we might assume that the answer… Continue reading What is the Gospel?

Galatians Reconsidered (Book Review)

Much ink has been spilt over a little controversy amongst New Testament Theologians, the so called New Perspective on Paul. Neil Martin believes that he has found a way through the impasse to enable us to be enriched by Paul’s teaching, especially in Galatians. The New Perspective was a response to the traditional Protestant position,… Continue reading Galatians Reconsidered (Book Review)

When are we justified – and does it matter?

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

In my talks on Romans 4 and 5 I mentioned something called The New Perspective on Paul, an approach to Pauline studies associated with EP Sanders, Tom Wright and James Dunn.  The NPP argues that we’ve misunderstood the Jewishness of Paul’s Gospel and therefore going right back to the reformers have misunderstood Paul’s teaching and… Continue reading When are we justified – and does it matter?