Keep the Faith

Here is a Bible study on Romans 4:9-25 which should prove helpful preparation for this afternoon’s #FaithrootsLive

A Look at ourselves

  1. Has anyone ever made you a promise that you had to wait a long time for them to keep?
  2. How did it feel whilst you were waiting?
  3. Did they keep their promise?

 A Look at the Text

Circumcision was an operation to remove a boy’s foreskin performed as a religious symbol to distinguish Jews (descendants of Abraham) from non-Jews

  1. What is the big question that Paul wants to know the answer to? (v9-10)
  2. What does he conclude and why? (v11-13)
  3. What was the specific promise made to Abraham? (v17a)
  4. How did he show faith? (v18-20)
  5. Who else benefits from the fact that Abraham’s faith was counted to him as righteousness

Digging a Little Deeper

  1. Why should Abraham believe/trust God? (v17b)
  2. Why does all this matter? (that Abraham’s faith was counted as righteousness before he was circumcised) (v14-15)
  3. What was the result of Abraham’s faith? (v16)

A Look at ourselves

  1. God kept his promise to us -to forgive us and reconcile us to him. We did not have to do anything to earn this or to make him keep his promise
  2. What other promises has God made to us?

 How does the fact that God kept his promise to Abraham and to us affect how we respond to all of his other promises?

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