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My friend from Oak Hill days, Stephen Watkinson has resurrected his blog “Northern Souls”. Here he writes on the importance of “hammering home” application if we want to make sure that churches get the challenging things that God has to say to us.

Facing the Day: This is a guest post by Rachel Lane on “A New Name ” (Emma Scrivener’s blog). Rachel has a book coming out soon for teens on facing anxiety and depression.

Be Careful what you sing about … or make sure you are not getting children (and adults) to sing “dumb stupidity. Here’s a Youtube post from Keith Getty. It’s from 2017 but only just popped up on my feed.

Facing Death with Easter Hope: Richard Bauckham writes: “The message of Easter is hope, and hope is what we very much need in these times.” Something like that is what many church leaders interviewed in the media were saying around Eastertime. Unfortunately, to people who know nothing much at all about what Easter celebrates, it can come across as a rather bland encouragement to optimism.

Read this outstanding book There has been a wealth of writing in recent years from Christians who experience same-sex attraction but are convinced that God requires them to say “no” to those desires. They have produced some fantastic materials, rich in theology and overflowing with love and compassion. Born Again This Way, by Rachel Gilson, may be the best yet.

Out of the Freezer “Don’t Worry” – this week I want to take you back to my first video post. It’s only from the start of lockdown but doesn’t that seem a life time away? Perhaps it was easy to say “Don’t Worry” at the start of the crisis but these words from Jesus are just as important now.

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