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Evangelism and discipleship must advance side by side – We are going to be talking to Jeremy Marshall on #AfternoonTea today. Here he is interacting with another friend, Steve Kneale about evangelism and discipleship.

Responding to Dominic Cummings The news in the UK this week has been dominated by the Dominic Cummings affair. Here are Ian Paul’s reflections.

Robin Ham talks about why our attempts at solving Biblical illiteracy must move beyond telling more stories

Alpha on Zoom – we’ve been running our First Look Course on Facebook this week. Lot’s of people are looking at ways to run their evangelistic courses online. Here’s a video looking at the practicalities. It’s about Alpha but I think the guidance is likely to be applicable to other courses such as Christianity Explored too.

The Pandemic of Fear – David Robertson reflects on the debilitating affect of fear on lives. The idea of having groups to help people take those steps out of lockdown where they are battling fear sounds worth looking at. Anyone interested?

Out of the Freezer “Don’t Worry” -I shared this video at the start of lockdown but it seems as relevant now coming out the other side as going in.

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