Why not have a look at First Look with some friends this Autumn?

First Look is a resource available from Faithroots that introduces participants to the life, miracles and message of Jesus over four sessions culminating with his death and resurrection. It’s based on the eye-witness accounts that Luke’s Gospel introduces us to.

The four parts are

  1. How can we know about Jesus?
  2. Who is this man?
  3. What did Jesus say?
  4. The end … or is it?

Each part includes some discussion starters/ice breaker questions, an opportunity to read an discuss a Bible passage together followed by a short video talk.  It concludes with questions for personal reflection.

I put First Look together a few years back as something that anyone could pick up and use/engage with at any time.  A lot of people have benefited from things like Alpha and Christianity Explored over the years.  The idea of First Look is to offer something along those lines but first of all to be a little shorter recognising that it is challenging for people to make time commitments over 7-10 weeks in these busy days. Secondly, it’s flexibility means that you can run it from home, one to one or even someone can pick up the content on their own. It’s not dependent on waiting for a time when a church is able to get enough people together to run a course.

If you know of people that are ready to start asking some questions about Jesus, why not invite them to have a look at First Look with you.

Start here

I’d love to hear how they get on.

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