First Look 4: The end … or is it?

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Discussion Starters

What do you fear the most?

If you knew that you had six months left to live, would you change anything about your plans and your daily routine?

A look at the Bible

Today we arrive at the part of the story which Luke gives most attention to. A biographer usually spends most of their time describing the subject’s life. Luke and the other Gospel writers focus mainly on Jesus’ death. That in itself tells us something. So there is quite a bit of reading to do.

Read Luke 22:14-23

How does Jesus say that the bread eaten at the meal is symbolic of himself?

In what way does the cup of wine represent Jesus?

Read Luke 23:26-55

How do you think Jesus’s followers felt that day as they watched their hero, leader and teacher arrested, falsely accused and executed?

Now Read Luke 24:1-6

To Think About

Where would you say you are in terms of believing what the Bible teaches about Jesus?

What do you think are the next steps for you?


– I would like to join a group where I can learn more about the Bible and Jesus

– I would like to check out some of the historical evidence for Jesus’ life death and       resurrection further –can you point me towards some helpful reading material?

– There are further questions I have that I would like to discuss with someone.

– I am ready to put my trust in Jesus as my saviour. I would like to pray with someone*

If you would like to find out more, pray with someone. be linked up with a local church get in touch via the contact page

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