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With the horror of this week’s shooting in Texas there have been some confused and at times abhorrent responses to this. I respond to one particularly unhelpful one here whilst Steve Kneale writes here in response to Franklin Graham’s repeat of a frequent trope that the problem isn’t the guns it’s the people here.

There’s also been some specific engagement on Twitter re this. One further problem with Franklin Graham’s response is that he says

But in fact the guns are not piled up in Central Park. If they were, that would imply that some form of Gun Control is in place and an amnesty offered. The guns are not in a pile, they are in the hands of potential killers.

David Bunce has brilliantly responded by turning the excuse into an idea.

Ecclesiastes is the story of Abel writ large -an interesting take here

Healthy Pastors have emotions – this shouldn’t need saying but perhaps does.

The lonely path that you dig yourself – Alistair Chalmers on why you need the church

Out of the Freezer “An intentional detour of Grace”

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