Slow Down

If you take a preaching class, one of the first things you’ll start with is something called Exegesis.  Exegesis is all about how we read the meaning out of (Ex) the text. This is contrasted with eisegesis, reading our own meaning and ideas into (eis) the text.  The risk when preaching is that we willContinue reading “Slow Down”

Learning to See

Yesterday I paid a visit to Eye casualty.  I was picking up a sort of wormy line in my vision. I suspected it was a floater and those are generally harmless but given I have a pre-existing eye condition and cornea grafts I thought it wise to get things checked out. The doctor confirmed allContinue reading “Learning to See”

Recreating the home group and restoring the prayer meeting

Discussing with a few people the demise of the prayer meeting the other day, I was struck by a thought.  The problem is with our home groups. One of the main reasons that you won’t seem many people at traditional prayer meetings is that they have been replaced by Home Groups. The problem is thatContinue reading “Recreating the home group and restoring the prayer meeting”

What do we do with the ending to Mark’s Gospel?

At Home Group the other night, the group were wrapping up Mark’s Gospel. The group leader felt it was worthwhile spending some time talking  about how we responded to the the shorter and longer endings to the book. I am not going to rehearse the arguments for and against the inclusion of v8b or v9-20Continue reading “What do we do with the ending to Mark’s Gospel?”

Does each Scripture have more than one meaning?

This is a question I heard the other day. It’s quite a common one.  At one end of the spectrum is the insistence that yes, when you read Scripture there is a specific purpose and meaning and you should not deviate from it. At the other end of the spectrum you will hear people sayContinue reading “Does each Scripture have more than one meaning?”