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Woman – Eleni Brooks says “Reading John’s gospel last week, I noticed that sometimes Jesus calls women “Woman”, like it’s their name and I don’t like it. So I sat with the discomfort and this is what came out…”

2023 Life Audit – we are now a little way into the New Year but it is not too late to do something like this

Three benefits of being a pastor on site – how it can help for a pastor to be on the premises

Closeness on ethics doesn’t lessen the gulf over eternal matters of salvation – in which Steve Kneale engages the age old question “Is the pope a catholic?”

We’re coming out of Christmas season now but it is still good to be reminded of the historical reliability of the incarnation accounts. Here, Ian Paul looks at Matthew’s account

Out of the freezer – I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the need to equip pastors for ministry beyond explaining Scripture. How do we pastor the flock, in and out of the pulpit. When did you last hear a pastor talk about mental health issues?

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