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What are theologians for? The case of Karl Barth’s adultery. An illuminating and challenging read. Though it raises questions about what we do with the sins of other big names in church history. What do we do for example with those who kept slaves?

5 signs a pastor is over committed: learn to accept your limits

Suicide is not the unforgiveable sin – important from Steve Kneale.

Why I’ll never preach like Spurgeon and why that’s okay. Personally I prefer to preach without a full manuscript and I do think there are benefits to this. However, that’s for another post. The crucial point here is that preachers have different personalities, styles, even sub-gifts under the umbrella of the preaching gift and shouldn’t compare themselves to others, even the heroes of preaching. Incidentally there are also things about how Spurgeon preached and prepared that are probably not good for preachers to imitate too.

Out of the freezer: Hierarchialism and complimentarianism are not the same

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