Summing up the message of Isaiah

The message of Isaiah can be summed up as follows.  First, that we are rebel sinners. We have been unfaithful to God and chosen idolatry over worship and trust in him.  Isaiah warns us that we will become like our idols, impotent, hardened, powerless, ignorant. 

Secondly, the consequence of sin and idolatry is God’s righteous judgement.  The penalty for sin is death and we are all subject to this.  Death is portrayed in Isaiah as exile. For Israel and Judah, this meant exile from the land into captivity.  That exile represents the exile we all face through spiritual death, exile from God’s loving presence and captivity to sin, Satan and fear. 

Thirdly, Isaiah points us to Christ as the one who has come to bring good news. All though we deserve judgement, he is the one who has received that punishment in our place.  He has taken the penalty for our sin and his righteousness is imputed to us.

Fourthly, Isaiah announces hope.  Because Christ has received the judgement and penalty for our sin, there is forgiveness.  This means that we can enjoy new life in him now.  We also look forward to ultimate fulfilment when Christ will return to banish evil and suffering for ever. We look forward to eternity in his presence, living in his new and renewed, perfect creation.

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