The Difference Maker (Isaiah 53)

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Here’s my outline notes for this Sunday’s sermon


Acts 8 – Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch – what prompts the radical and costly desire to be baptised?

Answer = this chapter of Isaiah!

  1.  Don’t miss (out on) Jesus  (v1-3)
  • a despised person and a rejected report (v1)
    • End of ch52 – a promise of salvation for the nations -surprising news to them but even God’s people who have had so many opportunities to hear don’t believe (c.f. ch 6)
  • It doesn’t seem believable  (v2-3) 
    • he doesn’t look like a saviour/king … no beauty/no majesty
    •  probably the focus is on Jesus at/after the cross/beaten and bloodied
  • Benefit from his sacrifice (v4-9)
  • It’s our grief/our deserved suffering he carried (v4)
  • Pierced for our transgressions – the substitute who receives the deserved penalty/pays the price (v5)
    • Transgressions – lawlessness/breaking commands/rebellion
    • Iniquity – sin as moral failing/corruption/twistedness
  • Contrasting sheep
    • The wandering/lost (v6)
    • The faithful/obedient sacrificial lamb (v7)
  • Dying with the wicked (two rebels) and the rich (Joseph’s tomb) (v9)
  • Follow Christ (v10-12)

God’s purpose and his vindication

  • The shocking news = this is God’s purpose (v10)
    • Crush – has the idea of break … or total defeat. 
    • I don’t think the emphasis is on violence/cruelty -but on God’s intended aim of bringing redemption and of vindication
    • Prolonged days and many offspring = eternity and the church
  • He is satisfied with what he achieves (v11)
    • The result = justification and forgiveness for many
  • A reward shared – we become coheirs with Christ

Take homes … the so what

  1. Simply enjoy and delight in what God has done for you.  Praise is about learning to live in the goodness of God. 
  2. Put your trust in Jesus -ask him to forgive you
  3. Baptism!
  4. Tell others
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