A lens to look through

Photo by Julia Avamotive on Pexels.com

In this week’s #FaithrootsLive we continued to examine the issue of male and female leadership roles in church by beginning to look at hermeneutics. How do we know that we are interpreting and applying the passages that talk about men and women correctly? In order to answer the question, we are considering a case study… Continue reading A lens to look through

Calvin on slavery

I thought it might be of interest to have a look at one of the Reformers and see how he handled the question of slavery in Scripture. So here’s some commentary on how John Calvin handles Ephesians 6.  Calvin is of particular interest because as I’ve argued previously, he seems to argue from Ephesians 5:21… Continue reading Calvin on slavery

A man of their time?

Over the past year there’s been much discussion about how we should relate to and view Christians from previous generations, especially those who tend to hold hero status amongst us. This has been provoked by the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the tearing down of statues erected to historical figures often with a reputation for philanthropy but… Continue reading A man of their time?

Wesley and the slave trade (3) Why does Wesley argue from outside of Scripture?

3.1 The Quadrilateral Position Marquadt’s claim that Wesley bases his arguments outside Scripture seems to come from his statement: “I would now inquire, whether these things can be defended, on the principles of even heathen honesty; whether they can be reconciled (setting the Bible out of the question) with any degree of either justice or… Continue reading Wesley and the slave trade (3) Why does Wesley argue from outside of Scripture?

John Wesley and the Slave Trade (1) Introduction

On the 2nd February 1807, the House of Commons voted in favour of the abolition of the slave trade.[1]  The celebration of the 200th anniversary of this event generated substantial interest in the subject of slavery, the history of abolition and the particular individuals involved, especially William Wilberforce.  Biographies were written, museum displays opened and… Continue reading John Wesley and the Slave Trade (1) Introduction