What more do we need?

This is a bit of a follow up to my article regarding the abolition of slavery and “a better ethic than the Bible” earlier this week.  A lot of the argument concerning the redemptive-movement-hermeneutic boils down to two questions which Michael Bird helpfully crystalised in a twitter discussion. Is it better for something to be… Continue reading What more do we need?

A better ethic than the Bible?

In this article, Michael Bird picks up on some disturbing comments that John MacArthur made about slavery back in 2012. I agree with Bird, that the comments were troubling. MacArthur’s suggestion that benign slavery was possible is utterly wrong headed. There is of course a fundamental difference between sticking with a good institution like marriage… Continue reading A better ethic than the Bible?

A lens to look through

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In this week’s #FaithrootsLive we continued to examine the issue of male and female leadership roles in church by beginning to look at hermeneutics. How do we know that we are interpreting and applying the passages that talk about men and women correctly? In order to answer the question, we are considering a case study… Continue reading A lens to look through

Calvin on slavery

I thought it might be of interest to have a look at one of the Reformers and see how he handled the question of slavery in Scripture. So here’s some commentary on how John Calvin handles Ephesians 6.  Calvin is of particular interest because as I’ve argued previously, he seems to argue from Ephesians 5:21… Continue reading Calvin on slavery

Does egalitarianism lead to denominations supporting Same Sex Marriage

Last week, the Methodist Conference voted to change its position on marriage. The decision was that: The Methodist Church believes that marriage is given by God to be a particular channel of God’s grace, and that it is in accord with God’s purposes when a marriage is a life-long union in body, mind and spirit… Continue reading Does egalitarianism lead to denominations supporting Same Sex Marriage

More on slaves and the slave trade

Earlier this week in our #TheDailyDose talks I looked at what Paul had to say to Timothy about slaves and masters (1 Timothy 6:1-2).  You can listen back here. As I explain in the talk, the Bible’s handling of ethical questions around keeping and trading slaves has wider implications.  If the Bible permits slavery but… Continue reading More on slaves and the slave trade

Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism

In some up coming posts, I’m going to try and outline the issues concerning Douglas Wilson’s teaching in order to show why it is unhealthy.  But to do so, we need to engage properly with what Wilson is actually saying rather than hearsay or exaggeration and that means we need to take a little time… Continue reading Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism

Abolition of Slavery – late adopters?

I’ve written about how a careful reading of Scripture demanded the abolition of slavery. The existence of the slave trade and the continued ownership of African slaves went against God’s word, specifically Paul’s teaching in his letters (including in Ephesians 6).  Those who were subjected to the brutality of slavery will have got it. Eventually… Continue reading Abolition of Slavery – late adopters?