What more do we need?

This is a bit of a follow up to my article regarding the abolition of slavery and “a better ethic than the Bible” earlier this week.  A lot of the argument concerning the redemptive-movement-hermeneutic boils down to two questions which Michael Bird helpfully crystalised in a twitter discussion. Is it better for something to be… Continue reading What more do we need?

All Scripture?

Back in the recent little debate about inerrancy, one suggestion was that Evangelical reliance on 2 Timothy 3:16 doesn’t provide enough support for their argument that Scripture is without error because it is inspired by the God who is without error.  Here I want to respond to some of the arguments here God breathed into… Continue reading All Scripture?

Can I trust the Bible?

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We’ve been working through John’s Gospel in #TheDailyDose. Today we arrived at John 7:53-8:11. Most Bible versions include a statement saying that the earliest manuscripts don’t include this section. So what should we do with John 8? Should we still read it, study it, preach on it? And how does this affect our confidence in… Continue reading Can I trust the Bible?

How 2 Timothy 3:16 shows us that Scripture is sufficient

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A Roman Catholic will tell you that they too believe in the authority of Scripture.  They believe 2 Timothy 3:16 to be true. It’s also that they believe that when Christ gave the keys to the church, this authority meant that it would be the church or its magisterium a few hundred years later who… Continue reading How 2 Timothy 3:16 shows us that Scripture is sufficient