For Good Friday, here’s a little Bible study, formally used at our old Sunday Night Church. I thought this might be a useful thing for people wanting something to work through reflectively. I’ll also be sharing a study on the crucifixion

  • For Starters

  • Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution or similar commitment/promise? What was it and how well did you do at keeping it?
  • A Look at the text (Read Matthew 26:47-56)
  1. Where do the disciples go with Jesus? (NB two answers needed here)
  • What does Jesus ask the disciples to do?
  • What does Jesus ask the Father?
  • What does Jesus say to the Disciples when he finds them sleeping?
  • How does Jesus describe the arrival of Judas with the High priest’s men?
  • Why does Jesus not respond with force?

Digging a Little Deeper?

  1. Why does Jesus want Peter, James and John to watch and pray with him?

(Clue: Peter & context)

  • What is the “Gethsemane” event and Jesus’ prayer all about? 

(Clue: Gardens…)

  • A Look at ourselves?
  • Where and how might we be in danger from temptation – take time to reflect personally (you do not have to share this in the group if you don’t want to) and then talk about the temptations we might face together as a church?
  • How does Gethsemane help us to face testing and temptation? 
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