Crucified (Matthew 27:32-66)

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  • For Starters
  • How do you react if/when people mock you/are mean to you?
  • A Look at the Text
  • Read v 32-44. Can you identify 5 different types of person in this section and how they each respond to Jesus?
  • What happens when Jesus cries out/shouts (v45-56)
  • How is Jesus buried? (v57-61)
  • What do the priests and Pharisees do on the Sabbath? (v62-66)

Bonus question – a mini dig deeper if you like.  Any ironies, contrasts or echoes from elsewhere in Scripture in v62-66?

Digging a little deeper

  • What is going in in v50-53
  • What is the significance of the sign over Jesus’ head?
  • Why does Jesus quote Psalm …
  • A Look at ourselves
  • What is a right and fitting response to what Jesus did at Calvary?  How is this reflected in my/our
    • Prayers?
    • The Songs we sing?
    • relationship to work colleagues?
    • Recreation?
    • How I respond to abuse and mockery?
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