The spot in my eye

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

The other day I mentioned a trip to eye casualty due to getting a persistent floater in my eye. Just to reassure you once again, it was nothing serious but with eyes it is better to be safe than sorry.  However, admittedly I didn’t go straight to the hospital. Why? Well apart from a desire not to panic and to see if something just righted itself, I have to admit that I didn’t click immediately as to what the problem was.

I spent a few hours convinced that I had a long eyebrow or a loose eyebrow obscuring my vision. Before you mock me, it is quite common for people experiencing this phenomena to try and brush away spiders, flies and cobwebs.

I was reminded again about Christ’s warning to remove the log in your own eye before attempting to get rid of the speck in your brother’s.  Of course, the benefit of this is that you can see more clearly to do the careful surgery. However, there is another possibility here, It could be that what I am looking at, is not in my brothers’ eye at all but was in my own all along.  The problem is really with me.

We can be so busy challenging, accusing, correcting others when in fact the problem is with our own failings, our lack of grace, the bitterness we carry around from the past, an unquelled addiction. So before we are quick to judge others, we should stop and check. Maybe the problem lies with me?

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