Why have I contributed to a book about pastors with depression? … And why do I want you to read it?

You probably have picked up by now that there’s a book coming out in May that I’ve contributed to. It’s called “The pastor with a thorn in his side” and it’s edited by my good friend, Steve Kneale who is the pastor of Oldham Bethel  So, why a book on this topic? Surely, it’s aContinue reading “Why have I contributed to a book about pastors with depression? … And why do I want you to read it?”

Help for those struggling with Depression

We have been through a challenging year with COVID-19. One concern many of us have is that the isolation of lockdowns will have had a huge impact on people emotionally. Some are warning of a tsunami of mental health issues. So, today, I wanted to highlight a few resources to help people struggling with depressionContinue reading “Help for those struggling with Depression”

Book update – The Pastor with a thorn in his side

Some of you will know that I recently contributed a chapter to a book coming out in May about pastors facing depression. The aim of the book is not only to help fellow pastors cope with depression and their churches to support them but to encourage a wider conversation about mental health and the church.Continue reading “Book update – The Pastor with a thorn in his side”

Surviving the pandemic with depression and anxiety

It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay so I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on surviving through the Coronavirus pandemic with depression and anxiety. So, in no particular order, here are some suggestions. If you are taking medication, continue to take it and review with your GP. Don’t suddenly stop. Make sure that you have a sufficient supply inContinue reading “Surviving the pandemic with depression and anxiety”

Grace in the depths

I’d like to introduce you to a new resource online. Grace in the Depths is a website set up by pastors for pastors. This is what we say on the about page: “Let’s be honest, ministry can be tough! As pastors we often feel out of our depth. Ministry can also be, depending on yourContinue reading “Grace in the depths”