Help for those struggling with Depression

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We have been through a challenging year with COVID-19. One concern many of us have is that the isolation of lockdowns will have had a huge impact on people emotionally. Some are warning of a tsunami of mental health issues.

So, today, I wanted to highlight a few resources to help people struggling with depression and those walking with them.  First of all, a few months back, a few of us set up a website called “Grave in the Depths” to support pastors struggling with depression and to help them share their story. 

Grace in the Depths (

A few pastors have now got together to write a book telling their stories and helping the church to think through the issue of mental health.  The book is called “The pastor with a thorn in his side” and will be published in May.  There’s a microsite available now where you can find out more.

The Pastor With A Thorn In His Side – Stories of Ministering with depression and what the church can do to help

Two other books I’d like to recommend are

When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend (Mark Meynall)

Wrestling with my thoughts (Sharon Hastings)

Finally, here are some videos that I’ve put together telling something of my own story and offering advice and encouragement to those struggling with Depression.

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