Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?

One of the graces in COVID is that it has pushed us hard to think about some key aspects of church life such as “What really is gathered worship?” and “What are the priority ministries of a church in the week?” There has also been quite a bit of discussion about when, how and why… Continue reading Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?

Spiritual Gifts

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In yesterday’s #AfternoonTea we were talking about the Gifts of the Spirit.  How do I know what gift I have?  How many are there? How do I grow in my use of the gifts? Here are the headlines  with the video to watch below. The NT has a number of lists of gifts, they all… Continue reading Spiritual Gifts

Sharing Communion During Coronavirus

Yesterday, we chose to share communion together as a church family.  This wasn’t something we did lightly because we know that the question of whether or not we can continue with communion is something that churches and pastors have been wrestling with.  Whilst I have struggled at times with the at times dismissive language used… Continue reading Sharing Communion During Coronavirus