Spiritual Gifts

In yesterday’s #AfternoonTea we were talking about the Gifts of the Spirit.  How do I know what gift I have?  How many are there? How do I grow in my use of the gifts? Here are the headlines  with the video to watch below.

  • The NT has a number of lists of gifts, they all differ. This shows there isn’t an exhaustive set of gifts, rather there are lots of different gifts.
  • In fact we do better to say that people are themselves gifts from God to the church
  • Don’t worry about trying to work out if you have a gift that fits exactly with the list in the NT, rather see what God is using you to do.
  • Do others recognise that you are gifted in an area, do you enjoy doing it, are others blessed and does it bring glory to Jesus not to yourself?
  • We would do better to distinguish spontaneous gifting from long term/innate gifting rather than spiritual and natural.
  • You are no less spiritual if the gift is developed over time with training than if you receive it suddenly, spontaneously.
  • We recognise pastoring and preaching as gifts but we also train and equip. So what about other gifts, surely there should be training and practice too?
  • Training for all gifts must start with good knowledge about God’s Word
  • It will also include specific technical knowledge and skills relating to the gift.
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