Cornerstone: From rejected to chosen (1 Peter 2:4-10)

Here’s the outline for my sermon at West Smethwick Congregational Church last Sunday


Our context  

  • Pandemic
  • Increasing hostility to the Gospel
  • local church feeling small and fragile
  • Personal challenges 

Big Picture … an Exodus/exile people (1:1)  But chosen and called by God to be different and distinct from the world around them.

It was going to mean persecution/suffering/unfair treatment …but they were called to live differently -faithful to God and keeping their side of the bargain when others didn’t keep theirs

  • In the workplace
  • In relationship to government
  • In the home

Why?  — because we are to honour and glorify Christ with our lives –  knowing who we are in him

Contrast 2:1 – evil/deceit  with 2:2 babies seeking spiritual food in order to grow. 

How can we do this?

Because Christ was rejected by men but honoured by God for our salvation (v4-8)

V4-6 – Temple imagery

  • Christ as the rejected but now honoured stone
  • We as God’s people being built up in him
  • Imagery also focuses on us as priests  …

Then v 7-8 Christ as the one who was rejected becomes the cornerstone – foundation – holding everything together in unity.

  • Because due to sin we were rejected – despised  but now chosen and loved in God   (v9-10)
  • Chosen by God … royal priests/holy nation (Israel imagery)  
  • To show others the goodness of God (which you have experienced
  • All because of what God has done – calling us out of darkness into light
  • “Unloved” and not a people become God’s loved people. 


Death and resurrection  


  • Specific to WSCC a small local church has been through this experience of death. May feel inadequate for the task ahead of reaching Smethwick with the Gospel – but it isn’t about your strength or reputation but about Christ
  • Individual examples

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