Ministry nuts and bolts: Music matters

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One of the things that church leaders spend quite a bit of time thinking about is the music or corporate sung worship in church life.  Now, when it comes to nuts and bolts issues, a lot will depend upon your context and outlook.  If you are a smaller church, happily following a traditional approach to… Continue reading Ministry nuts and bolts: Music matters

Teaching right worship and right feelings: The pastor’s responsibility as worship leader

If “the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever”[1] then that tells us a little about what the primary role and duty of pastors is all about.  If we were made and redeemed to worship God, to praise him and to enjoy and delight in his presence, then the pastor’s… Continue reading Teaching right worship and right feelings: The pastor’s responsibility as worship leader

Songs for a COVID Generation

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I thought I’d share with you some of the songs on my playlist that have kept us going through the pandemic. This is the stuff I’ve been sticking on YouTube and singing along to.  I’m looking forward to singing them, and other songs again together with others when we finally get free from all restrictions… Continue reading Songs for a COVID Generation

Eurovision, hate and indifference

Eurovision returned last night after a one year COVID enforced hiatus. Normal service was well and  truly resumed with outlandish costumes, cheesy lyrics and quirky voting. To cap it all, once again, the UK finished bottom with the ignominious “null points”.  Then as usual, people took to social media to complain that everyone in Europe… Continue reading Eurovision, hate and indifference

Hymn Wars: What our contemporary worship lacks

There are some internal Christian disagreements that raise their head just when you least expect them to.  Worship wars is one of them. There has been a long history of seeing the contemporary music of your era as deficient to tradition and compromised. At the same time, those writing newer hymns and songs have determinedly… Continue reading Hymn Wars: What our contemporary worship lacks

Contemporary worship songs by subject

One of the things many people involved in leading worship miss about having a traditional hymn book is the provision of an index that sorts songs by subject. The benefits of such an index are twofold. First, it enables you to choose songs linked to the specific sermon theme that week, secondly it enables you… Continue reading Contemporary worship songs by subject

Can we just sing in our hearts?

At the present time, Government guidance to churches is clear, we should not participate in congregation singing as there remain concerns about coronavirus being spread through singing and shouting. The option is there to listen to the songs. So, how are we to respond to this?  So far, I have seen three approaches to this.… Continue reading Can we just sing in our hearts?