Contemporary worship songs by subject

One of the things many people involved in leading worship miss about having a traditional hymn book is the provision of an index that sorts songs by subject. The benefits of such an index are twofold. First, it enables you to choose songs linked to the specific sermon theme that week, secondly it enables you to ensure that a good variety of songs across a range of themes.

However, the move to projected worship songs should not prevent the organising of songs by subject. Indeed databases of lyrics should make it easier.

In the meantime, I have kept a list of songs we use by subject heading. Here is the latest edition. It is worth noting that I have only listed each song once. Some will fit into multiple categories. This might explain why some categories are thinner than others. A database will allow multiple categories to be tagged. The list also includes some traditional hymns that have been set to contemporary music or include new arrangements, choruses and bridges.

God –Creation and Providence –worthy of praise

From the Highest of Heights Indescribable

Praise is rising

At your name

There is a Higher Throne

Who has held the oceans in his hands? (Behold our God )

Water you turned into wine

My Jesus my Saviour (Shout to the Lord)

Our God is an awesome God

Bless the Lord oh my soul (10,000 reasons)

All My Days (Beautiful Saviour)

Come and Stand before your maker (Rejoice)

You have called us out of darkness night  (May the people’s praise you)

Unbroken Praise

Good, Good Father

Rejoice (Come and stand before your maker)

What a beautiful name it is

Lord of Endless Light

Greater than Great

Promise of the Ages

Goodness of God

God your so good

This is our Father’s World (I have a Father)

The incarnation

From the Squalor of a borrowed stable

When Jesus came to earth to die

Jesus Joy of the Highest Heaven

Light of the World

Creator of the Starry night


Christmas Alleluia

Life of Jesus

Good Good Shepherd

The atonement

Oh Precious Sight

Oh to see the dawn

In Christ Alone

Who alone could save themselves?

Climbing to a Throne

Depth of mercy

The Mystery of the Cross (Jesus Thank you)

I sign your cross over me

The Resurrection and ascension of Jesus

The Greatest Day in history

Only one name

See what a morning

Christ the Lord is risen again (Girling)

Christ the Lord is risen today

Thine be the Glory

He Arose (Low in the Grave he lay) -inc Alabare arrangement

I’ve Seen the Lord he is risen

Resurrection Power

I’ve Seen the Lord

Glorious Day

The work of the Holy Spirit

Deliverer comes set me free

In the beginning was darkness and nothing (Breathe on me oh Breath of God)

The Word of God

From the Breaking of the Dawn (I will stand on every promise)

The Church

Come people of the risen King

Build this house

The Christian Life –Assurance


Sovereign Grace

Loved before the dawn of time

Now why this fear and unbelief

Christ is my reward

This is our God (Your grace is enough)

Cornerstone (My Hope is built on nothing less)

Come thou fount of every blessing

He will hold me fast

Under your wings

Oh Lord my rock and my redeemer

There is Grace Awaiting me

Oh Come to the Altar

This is Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace (Auld Lang Syne arrangement)

We have an anchor (Colin Webster version)

Boldly I approach (Art of Celebration)

The Christian Life Sanctification and Perseverance

Strength will rise

There is a hope

Still (Hide me now)

The Grace of God has reached for me (The Lord is my salvation)

Facing a Task unfinished (Altd) **

Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

Great are you Lord (It’s your breath in our lungs)

Big Family of God

Who you say I am

Someone’s always there

My Lighthouse

Yet not I but through Christ in me

Proclaiming the Gospel

We have heard the joyful sound


Christ’s Return

There is a Day

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