Songs for a COVID Generation

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I thought I’d share with you some of the songs on my playlist that have kept us going through the pandemic. This is the stuff I’ve been sticking on YouTube and singing along to.  I’m looking forward to singing them, and other songs again together with others when we finally get free from all restrictions and I suspect there will be a few teary eyes when we do.

Is he worthy?

It was a Sunday in spring 2020, the 11:!5 service had ended and we’d set up the tables for Sunday Night Church. As we were closing up, a young couple were practicing this song at the piano. Little did we realise as we left that we wouldn’t be singing this song live at church, that we wouldn’t be back in the building again on a Sunday morning for many months and indeed that for Sarah and I this would probably be our last “normal” Sunday in Bearwood. 

Throughout the pandemic when it has been so tempting to allow our eyes to get diverted to the chaos and uncertainty around, this song reminds us that in the midst of the darkness of these days, there is one who brings light, life and hope. Our attention should be on him

The Goodness of God

If you are okay with singing Bethel songs, then this is beautiful.  To hear asylum seekers sing “all my life you have been faithful, all my life you have been so, so good” as we did throughout 2019 in the lead up to the pandemic is a challenge to us.  Do we really believe in God’s goodness and faithfulness. I have one quibble with the song. I don’t know how we can sing of God’s goodness without singing of his mercy at the Cross.

Another song that speaks of God’s goodness is “God your so good.” Older readers may well remember the chorus as an old Sunday School song.

Highest Praises

Over the past 8 or 9 years we’ve made a lot of use of YouTube at our Sunday Night Church gatherings and during that time we’ve got to know the music of Tommy Walker and his family well. This song is from his new album co-written with his daughter Eileen

We worship you

Sarah and I have also enjoyed this other new song from the album. “We worship you, not for the things that you do” is a call to praise God for who he is rather than in return for what he offers us.

And finally, again from Tommy Walker, this time an older hymn, though perhaps not so well known in the UK.  Fairest Lord Jesus reminds us again to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and in the midst of trouble to cling to Christ, seeking deeper intimacy with Him.

What has helped you going? What are you looking forward to singing with others again soon?

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