A breakthrough attack on abortion ethics will come at some point

The biggest concern in public health at the moment is that an escape mutation of the COVID-19 virus will emerge. This variant will have the ability to break through the current immunity defences of vaccines and natural immunity leading to a new wave of serious illness, hospitalisation and sadly deaths. The hope is that vaccine evolution will keep pace with the evolution of the virus and that future immunity escaping mutations will be offset by mutations also leading to lower transmission and less serious disease.

I mention that because today, once again the House of Commons will vote on abortion again. This time it will be voting on an amendment to completely decriminalise all abortions for any reason up to birth. It is shocking that such a murderous proposal is even up for consideration. But we know that such proposals are regularly brought and along with other anti-life, unethical disturbing measures such as euthanasia.

Our hope is that today, we will see such efforts thwarted.  Abortion is unloving. It is presented as a matter of choice but in fact takes the life and therefore all choices from the child whilst causing significant long term harm to the parents. We hope that MPs will be alert to these arguments and vote down the amendment.

But even if defeated today, the pro -abortion lobby will keep coming back. Each time, the defences against this attack on life and love will be a little weaker.  At some point the break through will come and a vote will go through extending abortion or euthanasia.

It’s important to recognise this and there are two aspects to how we need to respond

First  we need to work harder at tackling the root cultural and philosophical issues. It isn’t enough to simply respond with political campaigns when there is an immediate danger, we need to be doing the harder, long term work of getting involved in the public square and taking time not just to explain why abortion is wrong but also the problems with the whole culture of selfishness and death. A culture of love and life is far better for society. 

The second and most important is the Gospel. We can no longer rely on the pretence that this is a Christian country that holds Biblical values. The Law of the land increasingly fails to provide common grace protection. So, the only way to be sure that you can play a part in saving lives is by proclaiming the Gospel so that those who put their faith in Christ are less likely to abort their baby, whatever the law permits. We need to learn how to live and be holy in a secular, anti-Gospel culture.

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