I have lived in the goodness of God

There’s a fantastic line in the song “Goodness of God.”  The first verse talks about God’s faithfulness and mercy. Then in the second verse we are taken to the darkest night of trial and suffering.  It’s there that we have this line:

“And I have lived in the goodness of God.”

Two things strike me from this.  First, that if we are to identify living through tough times with living in God’s goodness and enjoying his faithful mercies, then we need to let God disagree with us.  I’m tempted to think the worst of God and to express disappointment and frustration. Yet, God disagrees with me and teaches me to see that what others intended for evil., he planned for good. 

Secondly, I think it helps us get a sense of what praise is and why it is so important.  My temptation is to rely on the goodness of others or even myself.  To push out and do my best. Yet, what I need to do, is stick close to Jesus and to learn that I can only face life when I live in God’s goodness.  Praise teaches me to name and appreciate the good things that God is and the good things that he is done. It teaches me to call him good. 

That’s how we learn to live in his goodness. 

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