How do I want to be judged?

Jesus says that we will be judged by the same standard by which we judge others. This should slow us down before pronouncing a verdict on others. Judging is not just about coming to a conclusion about what has happened, it is also about handing out the penalty too.  When Jesus in Matthew 18 andContinue reading “How do I want to be judged?”

Be Salty, submit to the authorities, love your neighbour

For my birthday this year, Boris Johnson has changed the law and imposed a new restriction to do with Coronavirus. From today, it will be a legal requirement for people to wear face-masks in shops. Now, whilst some people have been wearing face-masks already and want to know why it hasn’t  been made law sooner,Continue reading “Be Salty, submit to the authorities, love your neighbour”

Being Salty – Taste and See

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?”[1] “Taste and see that the Lord is good;”[2] Salt has a number of qualities, with regards to food, it acts as a preservative, but it also acts to enhance flavour.  I think it is helpful to think ofContinue reading “Being Salty – Taste and See”

Being Salty – We hide our light when …

“Witness … and where necessary use words.” It was one of the most over used, cliched and patently false little sayings doing the rounds when I was at uni.  I think people also tried, without factual evidence to attribute it to St Francis of Assisi. The point is that you always, always need to useContinue reading “Being Salty – We hide our light when …”

Being Salty You can be distinctive by speaking up when it is unpopular

Yesterday, we saw that Jesus’ command to be salt and light is not primarily about social justice but rather about sharing the Gospel.  Today, I wanted to pick up further on  little side point, which is that if we want to be distinctive in what we speak up about, then we need to be readyContinue reading “Being Salty You can be distinctive by speaking up when it is unpopular”

Being Salty – share the Gospel

Over the years I’ve listened to sermons, read books and articles and had conversations with people about Matthew 5:13-16 and its meaning. The big emphasis seems to have been about living lives that are distinctive from the world around us, which of course is the very essence of saltiness but that then moves into anContinue reading “Being Salty – share the Gospel”