Assessing motives (what we can and cannot do)

Jesus is able to assess the heart, we cannot. This means a good rule of thumb when dealing with others in debate is that we should seek to respond to what they are actually saying, not what their motives or intentions are. Indeed,  we should seek to assume the best of others, taking a charitableContinue reading “Assessing motives (what we can and cannot do)”

Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong

A follow on from the Douglas Carswell tweet which I mentioned in the previous post was, a twitter interaction with someone that went something as follows: Them: “The WHO have been dreadful during the virus. A lot of the measures including the 2 metre rule are nonsense.” Me: “Are you a doctor or epidemiologist? DoContinue reading “Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong”