Facing Depression (The videos)

A lot of people struggle with emotional health issues. There is a good chance that either you or someone close to you has, or is going to face depression at some point.  I wanted to share some helps for those who are either struggling with anxiety depression or are walking with someone who is depressed.

I have written a few articles on #Faithroots about this but I recognise that not everyone wants to sit and read, so I have put together a set of short videos which are available via the link below.

Video 1– A personal story. It helps to hear personal stories. Each person’s experience is different but there are some themes in common. The person you are seeking to support may not feel able to share their own story yet.

Video 2 – Running and hiding/ This video starts by showing you are not alone. Christians get depressed, even pastors, missionaries, hymn writers and theologians.  Our main focus in this video is on the fight or flight dilemma. Some will experience this in the form of suicidal thoughts but there are other ways in which we are tempted to run either by self-isolation, the temptation to physically run or hitting the self-destruct button on relationships, careers etc.

Video 3 – We look at three causes of depression including organic illness, spiritual depression and the direct attacks of others.

Video 4 – Here we begin to describe some of the ways we can seek help when facing depression and the ways in which we can help those struggling with it.

Video 5 – Here we look at how we can prepare in advance as well as reflect back afterwards on depressive episodes.

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