This Sunday we celebrate

2020  hasn’t been a great year has it?  Most of us would like to be able to reset the clock to December 31st and start again. So we may not feel like sharing in the usual celebrations.  This is made harder because the logistics make it impossible to celebrate as we would like to.  This Sunday had been marked in our calendar as our “Harvest Festival.”  It would have been so easy to say “Forget it, let’s skip this until 2021.”

However, we will be celebrating today. Why? Well, I would link that into the reason why we will still celebrate Christmas and why we still celebrated Easter and Pentecost. Despite the difficult circumstances we can still say

  • God is continuing to sustain his creation and provide for our every need.
  • It is still true that Jesus came, died and rose again so that we have forgiveness in him
  • The Holy Spirit was sent and is still very much present with us.

For those reasons, we can say that God is good.

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