Another example of how conspiracy theories work

Here’s a good example of how bizarre Conspiracy Theories work. There’s currently a conspiracy theory going round that the COVID19 vaccine causes heart attacks and so, left right and centre, people are dropping dead of heart attacks.

So, along comes Laurence Fox, who was okay in Lewis, but has since taken an unfortunate journey into the weirder end of politics. Fox has tweeted the following:

As, I’ve said before, Conspiracy Theories take something that is observable true -as the evidence but then impose an interpretative or narrative over it which the evidence simply does not prove.

So, the evidence is that yes there is a defibrillators appearing in old phone boxes and other places around the country. That is incontrovertible. However, that claim has never been in contention. The truth is that these have been rolled out over a long period of time. Back when I was working at BAE SYSTEMS ( I left in 2006), we had one installed at our workplace and first aiders were trained in its use. Since then I’ve increasingly seem them appearing over athe past two decades.

There’s nothing suspicious here, no under hand, Government cover up. Rather, this is just an example of positive progress that has been happening for a while.

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