No the church did not roll over during COVID

There’s an insinuation going around in some circles at the moment that because churches closed down buildings and started to meet online during the COVID-19 lockdowns and are currently conforming with face mask and social distancing rules that this makes us wet cowards. The narrative is that COVID regulations are some kind of authoritarian attackContinue reading “No the church did not roll over during COVID”

What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a point of view gaining momentum in certain quarters which is that we should never have had a full national lockdown and that we should be lifting all restrictions now so that the young and healthy can be free to live their lives without interference.  Instead we shouldContinue reading “What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?”

How are we going to get through the next six months?

“Not another six months of this?” That was the reaction of most of us to this week’s latest COVID-19 announcements wasn’t it. Something that we hoped would be sorted in a matter of weeks or maybe months is likely to be the dominant issue at least for a whole year and probably longer. We hadContinue reading “How are we going to get through the next six months?”

Is it hubris to believe we can control a virus?

Glen Scrivener thinks it is.  So today I am going to do the risky thing and attempt to disagree with a brilliant mind!  First of all, we need to distinguish between “Can we potentially control a virus.” And “have we been able to control this one” or “will we definitely be able to control it.”Continue reading “Is it hubris to believe we can control a virus?”

A Great attempt at a letter -and why sadly I cannot sign it yet

A few church leaders have put together a letter to the Prime Minister and the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It expresses support for proportional responses to COVID-19 whilst expressing concerns about some measures and where the limit to their support is. They are inviting other ministers to add their signatures. YouContinue reading “A Great attempt at a letter -and why sadly I cannot sign it yet”

Will a circuit break work?

The latest proposal for combatting coronavirus is a “circuit break.” The idea is that by taking short breaks from normal life by imposing mini lockdowns, we can help flatten the next wave of COVID-19.  Is this likely to be effective. Well, if the question is “will such measures effectively combat the pandemic” then I don’tContinue reading “Will a circuit break work?”


Over the past few weeks, I’ve increasingly seen Christians complaining about Government measures relating to coronavirus as “authoritarian”.  Now, I want to be clear at this stage that I’m not a big fan of the Boris Johnson administration, I didn’t vote for them and I, like many have serious reservations about the characters, policies andContinue reading “Authoritarian?”

Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable

Imagine this: it’s summer 2021.  After extensive trials and tests, the COVID-19 vaccine is available.  It has been internationally confirmed to be reliable, safe and effective. Here in the UK it is available to you for free. What would you say to someone who is choosing to refuse the vaccine and instead is insisting onContinue reading “Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable”

Please – let’s not repeat the same mistakes

I’m COVID-centric. This means I’m not one of those people who believes lockdown was a waste of time, that the disease is a bit of a conspiracy and that warnings of mass deaths were alarmist. Nor, do I think that we have experienced an absolute disaster or that we need to go back into lockdownContinue reading “Please – let’s not repeat the same mistakes”

The end of community? – The risk with The Rule of Six

The UK Government has introduced new rules this week in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19.  For the foreseeable future, it will be illegal to socialise in groups larger than six or to “mingle” outside of such a group.  Several people have observed that this seems to go beyond the concept of social distancing and isContinue reading “The end of community? – The risk with The Rule of Six”