Food from around the worldwide web (15-05-2022)

Occasionally I provide a round up of articles that others have been writing about. Here’s the latest.

3 reasons Christians slander one another -it’s something we know shouldn’t happen and yet seems to happen a lot. Why?

Is this approach to complementarianism just dressed up egalitarianism – this is a slightly similar issue, not so much slander as a misunderstanding of or misrepresentation of a stated opinion. Here Steve Kneale takes time to show how and why his position has been misunderstood.

Why I don’t expect everyone in my church to agree with everything I say -It’s okay to have dissenting voices in the church and in fact crucial if everyone including the pastor are to keep growing.

Why I got out of twitter You may be spotting a loose theme around how Christians relate to each other this week. Ray Ortlund here writes about why he’s stepping back from the social media platform. Whilst personally I’m continuing on the platform primarily to be able to connect for the specific work I’m doing, a lot of what he says resonates not just about Twitter but about our general use of social media.

Out of the Freezer: Here’s some reflections from Psalm 110 I wrote a while back. How do we respond when we have been slandered? Psalm 110 helps us to keep our thoughts and attitudes right even towards those who seemed to mean us harm. What I want for my enemies

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