Food from around the Worldwide Web (12th June 2020)

The Gospel Demands that we grow multi-ethnic churches that overcome ethnic division “It is of vital importance that we allow the gospel to have it’s full intended effect of growing multi-racial communities of love and acceptance.”

But why do black lives matter? Chipo Muwowo writes movingly of his own experience of racism and shows how the reason we can talk about the equal value of all human life is found in the fact that we are made in the image of God.

Grounds for divorce – why I now believe there are more than two. Wayne Grudem explains why he has changed his mind on the question of divorce. Personally I am not convinced by his linguistic arguments but do agree that looking at the Scripture, we should include abuse within the grounds.

Ethnicity and COVID-19 -Where next? Jason Roach offers some practical thoughts for The Church.

Out of the FreezerThere is more than one way to die. Our attention has been full and squarely on the battle against COVID-19 but perhaps if there has been one lesson from the last couple of weeks, a virus is not the only danger we face.

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