Discrimination, diversity and the church

Here’s the second part of our discussion about diversity and discrimination. Today we focused more on what this looks like in the church.

  • People who came to the UK from around the Commonwealth had often served in the forces during the war and were also asked to come to help rebuild industry. They then often experienced racism.
  • Sadly too often racism happened in the church too.  
  • Formation of ethno-centric churches. We use the reason of cultural diversity of needs (music, approach to time, style of preaching) but why do we assume that a host nationality takes preference for dictating the culture in Christ’s kingdom?
  • Diversity cannot simply be about who attends but must start to be seen in members, actively involved and leaders.
  • We may need to keep revisiting how we do things, style of preaching, decision making etc.
  • Heart issues and the need for repentance.

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