Suspended Tolerance?

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I’ve just had time to look a little bit more at this story that emerged over the weekend.  On social media, the story has been presented focusing on one severely autistic boy being suspended and then receiving death threats due to a Quran being scuffed/damaged.  A local councillor defended the school for suspending the boy… Continue reading Suspended Tolerance?

We need to challenge the disturbing ways that older generations are spoken about and to

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About 100 years ago, as the world struggled with the aftermath of a Global pandemic, as warfare on a horrific scale in Europe brought fear and as people faced poverty and hardship because of economic depression, there were those who were keen to turn the focus on specific classes of people and encourage the politics… Continue reading We need to challenge the disturbing ways that older generations are spoken about and to

For him

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Let’s return to that question of what happens when we see people fall either due to false teaching or to moral failure.  I’m thinking specifically of religious leaders here.  Some people have argued that because Romans 11:29 describes God’s gifts and calling as irrevocable that even when a leader falls, they can and should be… Continue reading For him

The shame myth

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There’s a little myth that has gained currency over the last 30 years to the point where it is generally held as unchallengeable truth.  The theory goes like this: Western cultures are all about guilt and retribution, Eastern cultures are all about honour and shame.  Reformed/Evangelical Theology has paid too much attention to the former… Continue reading The shame myth

On calling people liars

Last week, MP Dawn Butler was removed from the House of Commons for calling the Prime Minister a liar.   “What was the problem with her accusing him of lying?” you may well be asking. Isn’t Mr Johnson notorious for having a questionable relationship with the truth? Hasn’t that been the problem for him so… Continue reading On calling people liars

Jesus is not ashamed of me

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“he is not ashamed to call them brothers”[1] In those words, I find one of the greatest answers to the problem of shame. If I belong to Christ, I no longer need to feel shame because the view of the one person that counts is that he is not ashamed of me. Jesus chooses to… Continue reading Jesus is not ashamed of me

The Shaming of the Shrew

This is the third in a little series of articles reflecting on the controversy surrounding Dominic Cumming’s trip to Durham. I guess it also relates to the issues that came up with Professor Neil Ferguson and Catherine Calderwood, the former Scottish Chief Medical Officer I am more concerned with the lessons we learn for our… Continue reading The Shaming of the Shrew