Jesus is not ashamed of me

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“he is not ashamed to call them brothers”[1]

In those words, I find one of the greatest answers to the problem of shame. If I belong to Christ, I no longer need to feel shame because the view of the one person that counts is that he is not ashamed of me.

Jesus chooses to call me his brother.

Some contemporary Bible versions (rightly in my opinion) use gender inclusive language here to emphasise that this is for all who believe. We are Christ’s brothers and sisters.  However, the original reference to “brothers” reminds us that we share in the rights of sons at the time to share in an inheritance. When Jesus calls us “brothers” he is saying that through his death and resurrection we have a share in the blessings God offers.

Saying that Jesus is our brother reminds us that:

  • We have a Father. God the Father chooses to adopt us into his family. It is important therefore that we also recognise the distinction of roles within the Trinity. God as our father reminds us that we are loved and protected.
  • We are part of a family. If we are Christ’s brothers and sisters then we are one another’s siblings too. There is a call here to show love and concern for each other.

When does Jesus declare that he is not ashamed of us? Well the obvious answer is that this will be his declaration on judgement day. However, I believe that we also see something of this at Pentecost. It was Jesus who asked the Farther to send the Spirit. At Pentecost, God’s people enjoy His presence in their lives and are equipped to serve him in the Great Commission. This shows that Jesus is willing to entrust his mission to us on earth.

[1] Hebrews 2:11.

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